Hosting team building activities can be a real strain on a company’s human resources and administrative departments. Our portfolio of unique team building experiences are designed to give your employees a fun and memorable experience. We work closely with you to ensure that your objectives are clearly achieved, whether you’re looking to improve communication, teamwork, creativity or simply provide an occasion for employees to get to know each other.
Activities are organized and facilitated directly by our team and experience partners, saving you HR and administrative time that could be used for the core competencies of your business instead.
Should you have any special request, we can also tailor our team building experiences to any particular themes you may have in mind. Send us a event request now!

Beer Brewing Challenge

Roll up your sleeves and start brewing your own beer with your team!

Flight Simulation Team Building

Play the Flying Pilot or Pilot Monitor, fly high and solve in­flight crisis with your team.

Street Art Experience

Become a graffiti artist for a day and experience the most vibrant and hip art form in Hong Kong.

Horse­ Riding Day­Out

Enjoy a fun day out in the paddocks interacting with these elegant animals!

Create Your Own Fragrance Workshop

Become a Perfumer for a day and create your own signature fragrance!

Magazine Photoshoot For Scrapbooking

From styling to modeling, experience the demands of preparing for and shooting for a magazine!

Olympic Taekwondo Experience

Step into the world of the elite athlete and experience with your team what it takes to train for the Olympic Games.

Drum Jam

Drum Jam is a musical experience that easily taps creativity and innovativeness without any formal music training.

Dance Team Building

Allow your teammates to loosen up, re­energise and recharge in this Dance Team Building Workshop!

Beer Blind Tasting Challenge

In teams, complete a series of fun challenges designed to tickle your taste buds!

Make Your Own Cocktail Challenge

Get behind the bar and create a unique cocktail with your team!

Case Study:
Manchester United Christmas Team Building

Manchester United was looking for a fun and interactive Christmas event
which would allow the whole team to relax and mingle among each other…