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How Shell used experience gifts to drive customer loyalty

Shell wanted to set up a loyalty reward program for its motorists in Hong Kong who used Shell’s premium engine oil ­ Shell Helix Ultra Fully Synthetic Motor Oil. The campaign focused on how a motoring lifestyle inspires other lifestyle experiences.

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Munich Re’s Corporate Wellness Program

Munich Re wanted to arrange several wellness activities for their employees in order to encourage office wellness and create a relaxing environment for their employees to release pressure from their daily work.

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Top 4 Tips For Your Annual Dinner

You are tasked with organising your company’s annual dinner. You want your colleagues to enjoy it, you want to make it different from last year’s but it also has to fit into your budget. We always hear organisers are stumped for new ideas for an annual dinner, so we have put together our top 4 tips for your Annual Dinner.

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Robert Walters’ innovative performance rewards for recruitment consultants

One of our most exciting programs with recruitment firms was one with Robert Walters. They wanted to stand out among their competitors in their own talent war, and were looking for a special performance incentives program for their consultants.

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How L’oreal engages its employees and how you can too

We worked closely with the L'Oreal HR team, from the selection of memorable experiences, the design of the branded packaging, the creation of the bespoke rewards webpage, all the way to delivery to each employee at the L'Oreal office.

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Deacons spoils their employees during health week with in­-office chair massages

Deacons has been a long term loyal client of Spoilt. Every year they would organize a health week for their entire office. Deacons was looking for appropriate vendors to run their wellness activities.

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