Corporate Gifts

It is getting increasingly difficult to surprise customers these days. By gifting experiences rather than overused physical trinkets, your company will be able to stand out from the sea of competition that gets by with the ‘same old’. Our unique experience gifts will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our Red Packet themed gifts also allow your customer to choose exactly which experience they would like to go on, giving them the power of autonomy not offered by physical gifts. The process is simple from the initial gift selection to delivery to entertaining the client on the day of the experience. We aim to make it easy for you to build long lasting client relations by gifting something unique to new clients and VIPs.

Audi used experience products to drive customer loyalty

Audi wanted to offer lifestyle experience gifts for their privilege club members on a quarterly basis at a good deal through an online eCommerce platform. Spoilt developed a branded platform for Audi members to purchase refresh lifestyle experiences on a regular basis.

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BCT Welcome & Birthday gifts for VIPs

BCT was looking for budget experience gifts as welcome & birthday gifts for a broad customer base.  Spoilt offer a wide range of gourmet takeaway offers to engage their VIPs.

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Wellness & Child development program for multinational banking service

Our client was looking for welcome gifts with a concern for wellness for their clients of an insurance program.

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Chinachem Lifestyle Welcome gifts for VIPs

Chinachem was looking for a welcome gift for their customers who would buy their new property, Parc Inverness. Spoilt offer lifestyle and experiential rewards, which are suitable for the style of Parc Inverness.

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  • Lion Dance

Do’s and don’ts during Chinese Lunar New Year in the Workplace

Chinese Lunar New Yea is quickly approaching! The Chinese population and those who follow the lunar new year traditions have already started to plan and prepare for this great festival.

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