Driving employee engagement is a top priority for many companies. In our dynamic work environments, with millennials poised to dominate a majority of the workplace over the next 10 years, it’s important to understand how to continually drive your employer brand, reduce turnover, and promote productivity among multigenerational workforces.
At Spoilt, we have helped Hong Kong’s leading companies and multinationals to implement end­-to­-end tailor­-made solutions for their employee incentive, recognition, and wellness programs, resulting in increased process efficiency, cost reductions, and reduced admin complexity for the HR department. Our innovative approach to employee engagement ensures that your organisation is prepared to face the ongoing changes ahead.

Recognition Program

The key to employee engagement is to recognise and reward employees for a job well done. At Spoilt, we have rewards to fit every budget and interest, from Baby Boomers to Gen­Y, we have something for everyone!
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Performance Reward

Cash based rewards don’t motivate performance in Millennials as it did for their predecessors. Millennials crave novelty, fun, and options when it comes to their rewards. With over 300 different experiences available, there is something for everyone!
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Annual Dinner Prizes

Looking for something unique this year for your annual dinner? Don’t know what your employees want? No more cash coupons and gifts that employees don’t want. Our annual dinner gifts can serve as table prizes, lucky draw prizes and even long service awards.
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Wellness Program

A healthy work­life balance is important for employee engagement. By introducing workplace wellness, you will promote a healthy lifestyle among employees, reduce healthcare costs, minimise absenteeism and improve productivity.
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