How L’oreal engages its employees and how you can too


L’Oreal Travel Retail Asia Pacific, which  manages L’Oreal’s duty free business at airports, downtown duty free shops and airlines across 27 countries in the region including Korea, Japan, Guam, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand.

Earlier this year, L’Oreal Travel Retail Asia Pacific approached us for an employee benefit solution. They wanted a custom tailored offering to celebrate an important milestone within their company.


L’Oreal has a team of young, energetic and passionate employees, some with young families, therefore we shaped their experiences to reflect their company culture and their employer brand. We worked closely with the L’Oreal HR team, from the selection of memorable experiences, the design of the branded packaging, the creation of the bespoke rewards webpage, all the way to delivery to each employee at the L’Oreal office. From concept to realisation, we wanted to tailor a solution to engage their employees.

We created an online and print catalog with all the experiences listed. With over 300 experiences in our portfolio, we guided L’Oreal to select 48 experiences for their employees to chose from. Each employee was able to select their own combination of these rewards. The rewards were divided into 5 tiers and delivered through our Red Packet System. After the delivery of Red Packet gift cards to the employees, our team handled all requests and bookings completed through the rewards program. The team was also ready to take any questions any of the employees had, from the selection of the rewards to the booking of the experiences.

It’s no surprise that L’Oreal was willing to reward their best employees. 200+ employees received their choice of rewards, from spa experiences such as the Chuan Spa Signature Escape for Two to dining experiences like the Cocktail Harbour Cruise and Dinner at Aqua, and from family experiences such as the Fun Family Photoshoot Experience t o sports such as Horse Riding Experience for Two , there was something for everyone. When the staff received the Red Packet gift cards, they were ecstatic!

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Most popular experiences selected

  • Chuan Signature Escape – Body Elements at Chuan Spa for Two
  • Fun Family Photo Shoot
  • Cocktail Harbour Cruise and Dinner for Two at Aqua
  • Northern Chinese Cuisine Dinner and Cruise for Two at Hutong
  • Classic Cantonese Dinner for Two at Tsui Hang Village
  • Refreshing Facial & Back Massage at Sense of Touch


*One of L’oreal’s Travel Retail Asia Pacific’s branded gift letters