Robert Walters’ innovative performance rewards for recruitment consultants


Robert Walters specialises in permanent and contract recruitment across all industry sectors. Operating at all levels of seniority the company finds jobs for workers in the accounting & finance, and a number of other industries.


One of our most exciting programs with recruitment firms was one with Robert Walters. They wanted to stand out among their competitors in their own talent war, and were looking for a special performance incentives program for their consultants. Their staff are young, active and energetic Gen­Y employees and therefore our experiential gifts were in perfect alignment with their company culture. We were delighted and excited to help them out.


The solution that we agreed on and later implemented was a monthly rewards solution that we helped Robert Walters piece together as a performance recognition program, which included our Red Packet offerings and a tailor made ‘pillow box’ designed to house the Red Packet gifts. The gifts were divided into two tiers and allocated based on performance. The reward details were all presented on a custom website for Robert Walters and some of the most popular choices among Robert Walter’s staff included Red Packet ‘Simply Tasty’, ‘Simply Pampered‘, ‘For Her’ and ‘Delicious’. Each month, the top consultants who hit their targets were presented with their chosen gifts. We later added a trade up option where superstar Robert Walters consultants who received rewards in consecutive months were able to accumulate those gifts and exchange for a new one of higher value.

The feedback we got for the program was great and the program spanned a total of 3 years, from 2012 to 2014.