How do you build and keep relationships with your team when everyone is working from home? Spoilt offers a suite of virtual workshops where you can connect with your team in a fun activity online using a material kit delivered to you in advance. Virtual & remote workshops enhance communication among participants, build camaraderie in the workplace atmosphere, and help keep your participants engaged in team building.

We can elevate your bespoke events with enjoyable virtual workshops. If you are interested in a specific activity or have branding requirements, we can accommodate different needs. Send us a bespoke virtual workshops request here.

Preserved Flower Art Workshop

Hate seeing the beauty of flowers fade away? Join us to create your unique preserved flower art piece to hold your memories or give it as an adorable gift!

Virtual Candle Making Workshop

In this Candle Making Workshop For Two, create a candle scented with your favourite essential oils, with a hidden message inside!

Online Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop

Come on this Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop For Two and make a beautiful colourful lamp to brighten up your home!

DIY Soap Making Workshop

Try your hand at making handmade soap at home. This DIY Soap Making Kit is not only user-friendly for beginners but also perfectly suitable for children!

 Online Neon Light Art Workshop

Join this Neon Light Art Jam experience and make your very own art piece with modern neon light lining!

Virtual Tea Tasting Workshop

Tasting tea is a joy! In this experience, you will learn the tasting techniques and have a better understanding of the Tea culture.

Bespoke Virtual Workshops

Got special requests? Talk to us.