The Bank of China Art Tour Team Building


Bank of China is a well-known banking group in Hong Kong.


They were looking for art-related private tours to engage a group of senior management executives from Hong Kong and mainland China. Spoilt was asked to organise these events as part of the client’s employee engagement program.


With the Hong Kong art market going through such a boom period, art related experiences are often a popular choice among corporate clients.

After consulting with Bank of China, we proposed organising a customised version of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Tour featured on Spoilt Experience Gifts. This experience took the executives on a guided tour of different art galleries where they would delve into the intriguing world where art, culture and business meet. Beyond seeing the pieces on display, learning about the curators and the history of each art gallery, this tour also introduced participants to the business of the art world. How is artwork valued? How does an art auction work? How do you appreciate fine art? These questions were all answered during the tour.

In the end, we organised private tours for the client ensuring a high degree of privacy. We also worked with the guides to customise the theme and content of the tour to make sure it fit the client’s preferences. Over a period of 2 months, we arranged multiple tours for the client’s employees as part of their employee engagement program.