Wellness & Child development program for multinational banking service


The client is a multinational banking and financial services company. It is one of the largest banks in Hong Kong, it operates branches and offices throughout the Asia Pacific region and other countries around the world.


Our client was looking for corporate gifts for their insurance clients to complement their marketing programs – one with a focus on wellness experiences and another with a focus on child development experiences.


It was important to our client that the selected corporate gifts would reflect the theme and marketing messages in the bank’s own campaigns. As such, Spoilt created two tailor-made experiential corporate gifts to fit the client’s requirements.

The first gift was a selection of wellness experiences which were tailored for clients to take a break from harsh urban life, and get to know more about their own body. These wellness experiences included nutrition consultations, massage treatments, tea sets and medical tests.

The second gift was for family-oriented program and the gift included a selection of child development experiences to support the well-rounded development of their customer’s children.  The experiences in the gift included art workshops, dining etiquette training, eye tests, and rock climbing sessions.  

To facilitate the communications for this program, we designed brand new packaging and created a new website, exclusively for the clients of this program to review their experience details. Due to the large volume on this program, the packaging was designed to be slim so that the thousands of gift cards could be transported and distributed easily.  Once the customers received the gifts, they simply needed to select the experience they wanted to redeem and follow the simple instructions for booking. Spoilt’s dedicated customer service team were on hand throughout the program to assist with bookings and redemptions.